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Vietnamese entrepreneur starts smart fitness rental platform QFit in Hong Kong

QFit, a start-up launched by a Vietnamese entrepreneur, announced today (July 2) that it has started its smart fitness rental platform in Hong Kong, tapping the city's immediate need and increasing demand for convenient fitness and mental health services in wake of the pandemic.
     QFit offers hotel guests the opportunity to rent smart gym equipment and fitness devices with built-in tech to stay physically and mentally fit for their lengthy quarantine. Apart from traditional workout equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes, QFit provides a variety of smart fitness devices connected with mobile apps including portable gym sets, air-boxing gloves, jump ropes, dumbbells, hula hoops and more. The apps provide training programmes and track exercise progress in real time.
     The CEO of QFit, Ms Donna NguyenPhuoc, said she believes Hong Kong is an ideal place to start this exciting business. "Hong Kong is an easy, safe and international city to establish and run a business. It's efficient and fast moving with low-tax regimes and tech-savvy consumers. The Government is also very supportive of new initiatives that have positive social impacts," she said.
     "QFit's headquarters in Hong Kong manages all finances, legal and logistics. All key strategic decisions and expansion plans are made here. It manages the Hong Kong market operation as well as expansion activities to other regional markets," Ms NguyenPhuoc said, adding that QFit plans to expand to Singapore in the coming weeks. "We are also in talks with potential partners in Thailand and Malaysia, amongst others."
     Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion Mr Charles Ng said, "While the COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges to some businesses, it is an opportunity for companies such as QFit that are creating successful new businesses to assist society and people during the pandemic. We wish QFit every success in the city and beyond."
About QFit
     Established in 2021, QFit enables customers to create their own smart gym during hotel quarantine or at home. Within a short period of time, QFit has expanded rapidly to provide "Fitness as a Service" to many non-quarantine hotels, residential buildings and health clubs in Hong Kong. The number of users has grown exponentially at over 500 per cent per month. QFit's goal is to provide everyone, from beginners to higher-level fitness enthusiasts, with a convenient and engaging way to work out and stay healthy. In parallel, QFit is also developing a mental health platform to address and solve pressing issues brought about by the pandemic including depression, stress and anxiety. For more information, please visit