Free Delivery in Hong Kong over $1500 (NOT applicable to large equipment 9kgs and above)

Why QFit?

Qfit was founded based on the increasing demand of Quarantine Hotel Guests wanting to have options of in-room fitness and exercise. Since then QFit has grown into a rental platform specialised in smart fitness, portable gym and wellness equipment with built-in technology. If you wish to stay fit and healthy, and have uplifting and fun things to do while being stuck in quarantine, or working from home, QFit is your answer. Most products are also available for purchase.

Due to high demand, we have been inundated with requests and are doing our best to keep up with demand for the rental service. To ensure you have your gym equipment secured for your quarantine, please book ASAP.

For Hotel Quarantine: 

We understand the challenges people are facing with COVID19 hotel quarantine and have designed fitness rental solution to help hotel guests maintain their physical and mental health.

QFit delivers smart, portable and compact gym equipment you need to enjoy a fantastic fitness experience during your hotel quarantine. Many of QFit smart fitness equipment is paired up with the smart assistant app on your phone, where you can find many workouts and virtual gym room to exercise. 

QFit was founded with number one priority being to help you feel positive, recharged, energised and appreciated in our own quarantine environment.

Exercising, healthy diet and maintaining an uplift spirit will help you feel good, sleep well, look better and live longer. You’ll have increased stamina, a stronger immune system, and a more positive outlook on life, especially when you are going through a dramatic experience as being locked up in a confined space during your quarantine.

For Home or Office:

Do you find it hard to get into a healthy habit of exercising regularly? Do you find lack of results from your work out? Do you find it hard to squeeze time out of your busy schedule to go to the gym? Do you find that your expensive gym membership is way under utilised? All you need is QFit.

We provide you with small and compact size smart gym equipment that is portable and fits easily in your hotel room, home or office without taking up much space. It provides an effective full body muscle endurance & cardio workout in a small space. The  built-in sensors & patented algorithms guide you on your form and prevents you from doing inefficient half workouts. It provides effective training programs designed by professional trainers in the connected App. It motivates you by tracking your training progress towards your fitness goal and allow you to share your results among your workout buddies! You can simply rent to test them out first.

Our goal is to give everyone – from beginners to higher-level fitness enthusiasts – a convenient and engaging way to work out.

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QFit Headquarters:
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