Free Delivery in Hong Kong over $1500 (NOT applicable to large equipment 9kgs and above)

Rental Return Policies


If you rented a large-size equipment (treadmill, bike, elliptical etc), before you check out, it is important that you inform the hotel that you have a fitness equipment in the room so they will advise you what to do. Remember to ask them when it’s ready for pick-up, inform us and we’ll come to collect it.

For dumbbells and other smaller devices, please keep the original packages/bags that the product was delivered in. Please pack the item in the same way it was delivered to return  back to us. 

Whatsapp our team at +852 9575 6439 if any questions.


Opening the package:
  • Some products may come with different parts, please ensure all parts are there according to the Manual Instruction enclosed for each product. If you find any missing parts, please inform us immediately on whatsapp +852 9575 6439. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of delivery, we shall assume that all parts are included. Should the product return with missing parts, we shall deduct the cost of the part to your deposit.

  • All products have been thoroughly sanitised with professional disinfectant. However for your peace of mind, we have included sanitising wipes should you wish to have a go at cleansing the items again.

Before returning the items:

  • Please make sure all parts and original packaging are included. Any missing parts will be charged to your deposit, we really do not wish for this to happen.

  • Please pack everything in the original box/bag the same way it was delivered.